Paradise Punch & Medcaps Review


We love trying new products and methods of medicating here at THC Jobs. This week, I went to our local collective and got some goodies to try and review.

01 punch

I popped my medicated beverage cherry with Chronic Tonic’s Paradise Punch which looks and tastes like Hawaiian Punch turned all the way UP. I drank the whole bottle and was feeling great. It tasted delicious. I was definitely able to taste the herb but it was not overwhelming.

One 16oz bottle contains two servings which is 37mg of THC or 2.52g of dried cannabis. I felt great, yet focused and coherent enough to get work done and my body was super relaxed. My eyelids started to feel slightly heavy and that’s how I knew it was working.

I did feel faded but not in the same way as if I had smoked. It’s definitely more of a lightweight vape high. Mostly head. Super chill. Super functional. Thankfully this beverage came with a very informative label which let me know exactly how much of a dosage I was digesting. Definitely two thumbs up on this product and I will definitely partake in this yumminess again. Have you tried this drink? What was your experience? I would definitely drink and pair it with some nice smoke. Sounds like a winning combo.

02 punch


Medcaps were my first THC capsule experience and they did not disappoint. I took one at about 11:30am and it took me a while to realize it kicked in because it was so mellow. By 1pm, I was fully feeling it. Similar to the Paradise Punch, it creeped up on me. My body began to feel super relaxed, my eyelids became heavy and I had a general feeling of goodness.

I definitely felt medicated but I was still able to get work done. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest of high, the MedCaps had me at about 8.5 after about 90 min. At that point, my productivity was slightly slowed down, but once I ate some lunch I was able to get back to work. I definitely recommend this product to increase appetite. Often times, it takes me a while to develop an appetite throughout the day but that was not the case on this medication.

I took a second capsule at the end of my work day before I went to yoga. The THC blog will have a post soon reviewing different methods of medicating while being a practicing yogini.

I think both of these products can be helpful for patients that need to medicate during the day and also need to get work done. It’s awesome that more and more companies are being innovative with methods of medication. I would definitely use the Medcaps again and maybe wash it down with Paradise Punch if it’s the weekend.

Let me know what products you’d like me to review next!

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