Inventory Manager: The Inventory Manager will be responsible for taking inventory of any usable or unusable medical marijuana products. The Inventory Manager will also be responsible for reporting any inventory discrepancies to the appropriate manager.


Reports to: Dispensary Manger


Position Responsibilities:

Work collaboratively with the Growers/Processors on scheduling and output of Medical Marijuana Products.
Responsible for displays and Inventory on the Facility Floor.
Assembles the Inventory for racks that will be used by the Patient Care Consultants.
Maintains upkeep of each display, to include updating displays as items sell out or come back into stock.
Prints and designs new display labels.
Maximize retail productivity, sales and profit, while ensuring that the standards of service excellence are continuously met and improved upon.
Ensuring that all Medical Marijuana Products comply with the MM Act.
Maintain the proper inventory of supplies for the dispensing of Medical Marijuana Products.
Thorough understanding of units of measurement.
Able to work evenings and weekends as needed.
Physical Demands and other Requirements:

This position requires periods of prolonged sitting and standing, some bending, stooping and stretching.
This position requires a normal range of hearing, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity sufficient to operate a cash register, computer, telephone, calculator, etc.
The position will require almost constant contact with Patients and Team.
Position Qualifications:

One (1) year of dispensary or relatable experience.
Has knowledge of Pennsylvania and Federal Medical Marijuana laws, Medical Marijuana effects, and conditions that can be treated through the use of Medical Marijuana.
Knowledge of POS systems (MJ Freeway)
Specific MM Product Knowledge
Previous Procurement Experience
Ability to use general office equipment, such as printers, scanners, and fax machines.
Proficient user of MS Office, IT, and basic computer skills.
Ability to work under pressure without losing his or her composure.
21 years of age or older.

About Solevo Wellness

Solevo Wellness™ [soh-lee-voh] is a medical marijuana dispensary based in Pittsburgh, PA, dedicated to providing medical marijuana relief solutions for Pennsylvanians affected by chronic, intractable pain such as arthritis, and other serious medical conditions including glaucoma, cancer, autism, Parkinson’s disease, MS, IBS, and HIV/AIDS. Founded by leading physicians, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals, Solevo offers personal, professional care, and quality medical marijuana products.
PA dispensaries opening in 2018.

First location: 5600 Forward Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.