Come and join Master Growers as we are set to be a leader in Oil and CBD solutions for the cannabis industry.
We are looking for Sales Representatives in California for all of our THC/Oil products. In regards to our CBD products we are looking for representatives nationwide.

Job responsibilities include: establishing, cultivating and maintaining business relationships with current and prospective customers in assigned territory to generate new, and repeat, business through dispensaries, and wholesale outlets for Master Growers.
Territory for THC/Oil products runs throughout California and our CBD products the territory will be nationwide.

About Master Growers

Welcome to Master Growers Extracts.
Founded in 2014, with the primary mission of introducing people, and educating patients about the miraculous healing properties of whole plant cannabis medicine.  MG’s products have been specifically developed to help patients reduce pain and inflammation, improve the quality of their lives, and maintain a healthy existence.

The MG ACO (Alcohol Clear Oil) extraction process produces a higher quality cannabis concentrate that is easier for the body to absorb. All MG products are lab tested and certified, using only the highest quality organic ingredients. The MG ACO process preserves the natural cannabinoids, terpenes and other healthy compounds of the whole cannabis plant.  Chlorophyll and lipids are isolated and removed during the extraction process yielding a smoother product, that is easier for your  body to digest and utilize.  Our unique production method crafts an extremely safe, consistent and highly effective product.  Benefits of whole plant cannabis extract may include: reducing arthritic pain, alleviating insomnia, boosting immunity, easing symptoms of auto-immune disorders, and reducing hypertension.

Master Growers is committed to consistently delivering high quality products, while continuing to raise health awareness and creating healthy, empowered communities.