Facilities Manager (Southern California, Colorado)

An established cannabis cultivation firm is looking for qualified facilities managers for commercial greenhouse operations in both southern California and Colorado.

Primary Responsibilities

-Manages maintenance team
-Controls equipment upkeep throughout multiple facilities
-Coordinates with horticulturalists in solving climactic concerns
-Keeps detailed records of purchasing
-Ensures safety of greenhouse personnel
-Creates programs for efficient water and energy usage
-Reports to the CEO, COO, and VP of the company
-Works with local government agencies on environmental issues/licensing
-Troubleshoots equipment extensively
-Accurately explains facility care/upkeep to several company departments

Minimum Qualifications
-Extensive knowledge in the electrical field
-Ability to use boom lifts and boilers
-Familiarity with commercial HVAC, heating, and dehumidification systems
-5 years of experience with facilities management
-Intensive familiarity with greenhouse functions and climates
-Motivated self-starter
-Well versed at multi-tasking
-Managerial experience with emphasis on team building
-Basic understanding of hydroponic cultivation
Salary: TBD (Highly Competitive)

Contact: kentg@mandfconsultants.com