ADT Discriminates Against Cannabis


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The Greenhouse Herbal Center in Los Angeles has been in providing medical cannabis to patients for over a decade and is a California Prop D Complaint, tax-paying, Police Alarm Permit holding collective.

In November of 2015, Greenhouse was raided by LAPD. “The cops came into the spot and destroyed everything in the collective”. Part of that was destroying the ADT security for the place. When I called ADT to have the security re-installed they said they would send someone out in two weeks.

I had been a customer of theirs since 2006. I explained to them that I couldn’t be without security that long. I waited for two weeks and no one came. I happened to see an ADT security man passing by in the neighborhood and asked him if he could help me out.

He said “he couldn’t provide any service for my business due to the fact that we are a cannabis collective,” said the general manager of Greenhouse. The cops are said to have confiscated about $100,000 worth of goods from the raid.!

Huffington Post can show and tell you more specifics about ADT’s cannabis discrimination better than I can:

On January 12, 2016, The Greenhouse Herbal Center in Los Angeles was sent this notice by the security company ADT.

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Cannabis was prohibited and criminalized in 1937. However, in states where cannabis is currently legal, the government is more than happy to collect taxes from collectives and require them to be non-profit. I simply do not understand some people’s problem with cannabis.

It is a flower that has inherent medical properties. It makes no sense that a group of human beings decide that we don’t get to enjoy the benefits of this plant without going through the decided channels. People don’t need a doctor recommendation to drink and I’m sure we all know someone who has no business being at the bar as often as they are.

There have been no cannabis deaths while the number of alcohol-related deaths are staggering. It is completely unfair and unscrupulous of ADT to have collected money from cannabis business for years only to discontinue their services without even giving their clients a fair warning. According to the Huffington Post article linked above, ADT claims they refuse to provide service to cannabis businesses because cannabis is still federally illegal.

I don’t see that as a valid point because if it is legal in that state I don’t see what ADT’s problem is. I tried to reach out to them to get some answers but was unsuccessful in getting someone to talk to me.

After all of this, months after receiving the official termination of services from ADT, The Greenhouse Herbal Center continued to be charged fees. That’s right. After terminating their services, ADT kept charging Greenhouse. That is straight up wrong. How can you run a business where you are charging people for services they aren’t even getting? Yet, it’s the cannabis companies that are being treated like criminals.

ADT is not the only company discriminating against cannabis businesses. Bank of America has also been known to close people’s accounts and send them a check with their balance saying that due to the nature of their business, they can no longer bank with BOA. Cannabis is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

I don’t understand why we can’t all work together and share in the fruits of the blooming cannabis industry. Instead, these large corporations are operating archaically. Actually, I take that back because I’m pretty sure cavemen would not have made a big deal about cannabis. After all, cavemen existed pre-prohibition.

Have you had any experiences regarding discrimination because you are a cannabis patient, employee and/or employer?

We would love to hear your story!


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