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This is the first part in a series of posts we will be doing on jobs in the medical marijuana industry. The first job we chose to do was the budtender position. This job has been getting a lot of attention as more and more states pass medical marijuana laws. There are even classes you can take on becoming a budtender. We just wanted to highlight what the top job skills are for being a budtender on this post.

1) Customer service skills
2) Knowledge of the medicine and laws
3) Being computer literate

This job has an important role in a medical marijuana dispensary. This is because the budtender is the one who interacts with the patients the most. They can easily make or break a sale in a dispensary. Just look at some the dispensary review sites online. You can see that patients readily admit that if they do not like the staff, they are unlikely to be a repeat patient (unless of course there are some really good freebies).

The number one skill for a budtender to have is customer service skills. Being able to connect and build relationships with patients is a must. Spend time with each patient and listen to what they are saying. If you can do this well you will have the easiest job in the world, because they will tell you what they want. This might seem simple, but you might be surprised how often this is overlooked.

The second most important skill would be knowledge of the medicine as well as any other products like edibles. As a budtender you should be able to explain the affects of a sativa, an indica, or a hybrid and how each one can reduce a patient’s symptoms for different ailments.

Many skilled budtenders spend time researching the linage of the strains as well as any new strains that are coming to the market. This is not different than any other trade. Always stay up to date on your craft! Subscribe to cannabis magazines, read books, and join forums to broaden your knowledge base.

It is also extremely important to be knowledgeable about your state and local laws pertaining to medical marijuana. This can prevent you or your dispensary from getting into any legal trouble.

The third skill would be being computer literate. This includes being able to learn new software, knowing how to use POS (point of sale) equipment and knowledge of social networking sites. Many dispensaries use industry specific software. Being computer literate will help cut down on the learning curve. Just like most places today the cash registers are computers, although these are extremely easy to learn how to use. Do not be surprised if a dispensary might ask to see your social networking profiles. A lot of dispensaries have found that it is easy to connect with and promote themselves to current and prospective patients through social media. I am sure everyone has seen a dispensary running a special or two that they only advertised online! Having experience with social media is looked upon favorably.

Other things that can help you land a job as a budtender are being flexible in your schedule, having a good personality, and networking yourself. Never underestimate the small things!

We hoped this was helpful to some of you. If you feel there is something that should be added please leave a comment.

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  1. Comment made by Shirley on Jan 28th 2011 at 10:40 am:

    Exactly where is the facebook like button ?

  2. Comment made by Angie Granados on Feb 25th 2011 at 1:50 pm:

    Hi i’m Angie I was looking into being a budtender and i’m people friendly

  3. Comment made by Adamle Spencer on Feb 28th 2011 at 11:20 am:

    Names Adamle fellow smoker for 6 years now and have been deep into the marijuana business now for 4 of the 6 years learning prices and growing and now i feel that i can make a difference if i got the chance to break into the dispensary world to learn more and learn the back ground scenes so that I may move up the chain in the dispensary world or get more learning experience in the growing area. I am very good with people and a hard worker.

    • Comment made by Chris Geyerman on Aug 17th 2012 at 4:17 pm:

      My name is Chris obviously. I have extensive research with cannabis and growing it. Anyhow, was wondering what kind of other responses you got from this…and did you ever get a job working in the medical cannabis field? If so, please inform me of details, if not please tell me too. Maybe I could help you. Either way lets stay in touch with one another. Right now I am just south of Chicago, Illinois. I reside out of a place in Northern California called Chico, California. Anyway let me know what’s up. Greetings. Best wishes. -Chris
      Harvest season is just now coming up and am need of a job Trimming. Last year I trimmed far up in Mendocino county for 150 a day. and a oz. of smoke. Anyhow, take it easy everyone. Please respond back to my email if you are aware of any work that I could possibly get my foot into the door this year. Thankyou. Another thing…If your serious about a worker, I can be reached via cell phone @ 5307207328.

      • Comment made by admin on Aug 21st 2012 at 2:41 pm:

        Your submitted a message directly to the website, not the potential employer. Responses to a job posting come from the company posting the open position. We at THCjobs do not reply to inquiries about job openings. Please contact the potential employer directly.

  4. Comment made by ruth on Apr 20th 2011 at 2:53 am:

    I’m looking for a job at medical shop. I’m pretty experienced with buds and also very friendly with people. I will prove my best skills and leave customers satisfied.

  5. Comment made by Trevor on Apr 24th 2011 at 2:09 pm:

    Hey im Trevor, smoking strong 4 years i dont have very much experience with the “dispensing” but am very edjucated with growing techniques, indica/sativas/hybrids types of nuggs i am very determined to quickly learn and help others wih their medications, i am looking into being a budtender and move up from there and will take any position in my area.

  6. Comment made by on Jul 18th 2011 at 6:25 pm:

    Nice Website. I’m a medical marijuana activist myself. I believe that every dispensary that opens is another blow to the failed drug war. I support your efforts.

  7. Comment made by Toni T on Apr 7th 2012 at 6:25 pm:

    I am expanding with interest in this work for which I’ve searched for a long time. Ring me up Scotty!!!
    Toni T.

  8. Comment made by arin shipley on Apr 10th 2012 at 10:04 pm:

    hello i am seeking a full time or part time position as a tender………i have 8 years of cust /sales exp..and very computer literate…great team player and love the atmosphere.

  9. Comment made by Kacey on May 21st 2012 at 12:37 am:

    I’m in need of a job and I’m a great person “) I won’t let you down . I have a resume if needed . Thanks

  10. Comment made by Diego on Jun 29th 2012 at 7:32 pm:

    Excited to learn the ropes and contribute to your establishment. In need of a job.

  11. Comment made by embi on Jul 25th 2012 at 2:54 am:

    i am a marijuana smoker and ive been looking into being a budtender i know the product prices and im a people person but responsable

  12. Comment made by Shilice on Jul 27th 2012 at 3:27 pm:

    Im good at Budtender jobs my perfect for thes jobe I like helping people n im aware of the many different strains it an simple excitting field for me im looking to get hired so call 3106610492

  13. Comment made by Talar on Jul 30th 2012 at 10:39 pm:

    Can an 18 year old work in the MM industry? I’m really really interested in starting work in this field! You can email me at :)

  14. Comment made by Gus on Aug 11th 2012 at 2:21 am:

    I am a very social person. I would love to be a budtender. In need of a job

  15. Comment made by nick rodriguez on Sep 23rd 2012 at 6:59 pm:

    hey guys ive been a chronic smoker for about 4 years now and i’m in need of a job that i would love to work at daily. any hours would be fine for me. i have multiple friends that grow medical marijuana for the dispensaries and i help them harvest regularly. as for the medical part. i am very familiar with several types of marijuana and the effects on the body for most strains. i have always been interested in the different effects and am always reviewing new buds. i will be able to help people benefit for their type of chronic illnesses. for example, muscle pain. i would recommend a high indica strain such as grand daddy purps, purps mr nice, etc. another example is adhd/add. many patients suffer from adhd and the sativa strain helps well with that. it is more of a head high rather than the indica which is more of a body high. im extremely good with prices (well around my area) and extremely well with helping patients choose the right medication for their benefit.

  16. Comment made by Ej on Sep 25th 2012 at 10:58 pm:

    Thanks a lot for the info. Really helps

  17. Comment made by malcolmmason on Oct 23rd 2012 at 6:28 pm:

    hey my name is malcolm mason i live in north carolina and am really wanting to move to california and start working with bud and learning more about it and its medicinal affects you can call me if you are interested at 336 671 5203

  18. Comment made by carlos on Nov 7th 2012 at 9:52 am:

    is there any specific degrees or things u need to major in?

  19. Comment made by Ryan on Apr 15th 2013 at 3:41 am:

    Hi, I worked for dispensaries in California for many years now. The job can be very stressful at times with long hours at night trying to find mistakes. So I really emphasize that you learn or push your manager to have a good easy to use software to keep track of sales. We’ve gone through a most of them and finally settled a software called epicmmj.

  20. Comment made by Ryan on Apr 15th 2013 at 3:43 am:

    Also, if you want to move up I recommend taking accounting and customer service classes at a community college

  21. Comment made by Oscar Caldera on Jun 11th 2013 at 6:12 pm:

    Looking for a job that can work around my class schedule for i am a college student. Going to school and getting a regular job is pretty hard one is a medical patient. Due to a car accident that led to modifications to muscle and other things. All basics are known As well as growing, bud tending, verifying. I once volunteered at treehouse coop. I contain great speaking skills as well as understanding the how things work. keeping work / from life. Let me know if anyone is interested email me at
    Oscar Cal

  22. Comment made by Fred Marco on Jul 10th 2013 at 12:38 pm:

    Thanks for the great article! We’ve had a tons of requests recently for budtending courses and we’re currently in the process of designing one at

    With that said, your article was very informative! We’ll be sure to send a link your way!

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